The Family Tree of the Heidemann Windmillers    (deutsche Version)

It has been a very long time since I started doing research on my ancestors. What triggered my interest were the stories and anecdotes that were told by my family and relatives about my grandparents. But they never spoke about the persons and history before them. I was curious and started to investigate about my ancestors. My line of ancestors came to an end after some time due to missing parish registers, geographic distances or linguistic barriers. Over the years my focus shifted to investigations on the descendants of my last known ancestor named Heidemann. This descendant, as well as many others, worked as wind millers in Northern Germany which is the reason I use this profession as headline of my family tree. Of course no “Heidemann” works as a professional windmiller in our time anymore.

This family tree below shows all descendants of my earliest known ancestor Johann Daniel Heidemann. This is not a classic family tree which only lists the male persons. Much rather, I noted all the children I know of and both partners in marriage. My aim is to find all persons named Heidemann that are descendants of Johann Daniel Heidemann. I hope to have a complete family tree some time. The reason for this web page is to find the persons missing in this family tree. So, if you can find an ancestor of yours here that you know, but know of any of his descendants that are missing, I would be glad to receive a message from you. You can write to the following E-mail address: Of course it is your decision, if and which information you would like to share. But even if you donīt want to publish any of your data I would be happy to share confidential information.

For reasons of privacy the descendant lines end in my grandfather’s generation. Exception was made with the emigrants to America because in the United States privacy protection ends with a person’s death. Living persons are – as far as I know – not listed. In case someone is listed and does not wish to be listed, please mail to this E-mail address: and I will delete the entry immediately.

Armin Heidemann

Family Tree of the Heidemann Windmillers